All you should know about Bleach Brave Souls Mod

Developed by KLab Games, this game comes off the heels of a longrunning manga series which has got not just a series of successful anime adaptations but also live actions movie adaptations to its name. But a lot of props has to be given to KLabs as well for making a Free-to-Play game which delivers on all counts.

Most F2P games contents are hidden behind paywalls, but here that isn’t the case. So much so that it is comparable to something on gaming platforms like Nintendo or PlayStation. There is a good balance between purchased content and accessible content which allows players to play a full, encompassing game without being forced to take out their wallets. Let’s check it out:

There are the following modes: Story mode, Singlemode, and Multiplayer mode.

The player selects three characters from the roster and pits them against a slew of online players to climb up the ranks. After an initial limitation of 5 1v1 battles, players can unlock up to ten battles per day.

Co-Op quests: Bring on three other online players (in real time) to aid you in completing competitive quests which involve defeating enemies and facing off against bosses.

Events: There are weekly quests for players which are actually founded on original side stories (or inspired by plotlines from the series). Each such quest allows players to unlock new characters, earn spirit orbs or level up their characters.


Spirit orbs are useful for getting items, progress skills in the soul tree and also purchase characters. Players can get spirit orbs by completing quests or by logging in daily.

Soul tickets are used to get coins and to enter quests in any of the game’s modes. Soul tickets can get exhausted soon but they are also easy to spawn (a single ticket takes about 15 mins). But soul tickets can also be obtained through quests as well.

Character leveling system:

Automatic leveling: It happens after players complete a quest (in a questoriented mode). Also, if the player fails, some experience is still allotted.

Ascend: This allows the player to merge up one or more characters in order to upgrade the level cap of that character. This level cap can give a max of 100 level whereas most characters are capped off at 20 or 30.

Soul tree: Unique to every character, it allows the player to boost up any individual character’s stats like attack, defense and more. Players can have different play styles since each character summons has a unique tree.


This ARPG game has responsive controls which dont gulp down screen space.

The action is fast and non-repetitive

Boss battles are engaging and provide an onus of great climactic moments.

What actually shines through is the developer’s interest in creating a game which focuses on players having a compelling experience rather than forcing them into micro-transaction traps. Whether you are a fan of the series or a newcomer, this immersive game starts everyone off on the same footing.

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