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The latest Shattered Pixel Dungeon strategies

The players must know the most important thing that is to use the line of sight clearly while fighting. If required you can go for 180degree walls. You can also go for using single tile high grasses just in the middle of the room for allowing the place to dance about. The key important factor of the game is breaking the actual line of the site along with you. If the mob has to spend time just uselessly as they cannot see you then your next attack just cannot miss. On enquiring about the latest version of numerous Shattered Pixel Dungeon strategies, the player needs to have the required amount of strength to make use of the weapon for the serving the purpose.

Knowing the rule of the game Shattered Pixel Dungeon

The second best strategy that is considered while playing is spending the entire SoU on the weapons that are to be used. Even the player does not need armor or any kind of upgraded wing. If the player can manage 1 or 2 shots anyhow, all the mobs would easily go for a surprise attack.

When it comes to the tier 4 strategy, the ideals are quite doable. You must know one thing that the health potion that you would use must bring some effectiveness. To be precise enough the top developed and the latest version of the game Shattered mainly required two upgrade scrolls. This also lowers the strength. Generally, all the tier 5 essential weapons become completely worthless.

The game Shattered Pixel Dungeon is known by its levels

After you know the basics of fighting, you can go for upgrading your weapons without much hesitation. On finding a new patch, the player must go for finding the upgraded version. Go for exploring each of the levels and try to find all the rooms and the doors that are hidden. You are allowed to use all the available food. You must not use the scroll option until and unless you have a chance of upgrading at least 2 weapons.

In the level 6-7, it is very tuff for you to survive in the levels. It is not possible if you do not upgrade weapons. If you want to save all your upgrades that knowing the strategies of developing the gaming weapon must be known.

If you go through a beginners guide you will notice that the brutes and the spiders can start making some serious damage. If you are an unlucky fellow, you might not have found a 4 tier weapon still now. If the condition is such that then go for choosing the tier 3. There are several levels that are so very dangerous that and enquiring about each and the single level is of utmost necessity before you go for taking a single step. There several traps that can even kill the players just instantly. In this case, have some emergency potion for a quick recovery. Avoid fights and confusion especially at this level.

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