The Logictech Harmony One Might Be the Best Universal Remote Available Under $250

Remote controls offer a way to control a variety of technological devices from the comfort of your couch. Everything from the HDTV to the DVD player to the Blu-Ray player has a dedicated remote control. But if remote controls are all about convenience, then universal remote controls are the pinnacle of convenience.
While several different universal remotes are available from a variety of manufacturers, one of the best around is the Harmony One from Logitech. The Logitech Harmony One is available from a variety of electronics retailers like Best Buy or Amazon. While this gem of a remote can retail for $250, it can be found for around $170 on sale, which is a great bargain.

The Harmony One allows the user to control up to 15 devices, which easily covers the majority of components in the typical home theater. The unit supports over 5,000 brands and over 225,000 entertainment devices, which makes this an all encompassing unit. The buttons are backlight for easy low-light operation, but the interactive LCD touch screen is what really separates this remote from the garden variety $20 universal remote from a bargain store.

The LCD touch screen displays one touch buttons, which completely simply the home entertainment experience. The buttons are preprogrammed, so when someone press “Watch TV” or “Watch a DVD” all the components automatically turn to their appropriate setting. In addition, the screen provides easy access to favorite channels.

The Logitech Harmony One is programmable by attaching it to a computer via included USB cable. From there it is a simple matter of entering the device information. While make and model of every home entertainment component can take a little bit of the time, the selection process is simplified by pictures. Also the guided online set up really helps out, making the entire process really easy.

While other touch screen remotes are prone to frequent battery replacements, the Logitech Harmony One uses a rechargeable system and come complete with charging base. That means this guy is always ready to go. The ergonomic design gives this remote a nice feel, which only helps enhance the smooth operation. Plus, Playstation 3 owners can purchase a base unit that allows the remote to control all the functions available on that valuable piece of hardware.

When it comes to versatility, ease of operation, and overall performance, the Harmony One is one of the best universal remotes available. While the purchase price is a little on the high side, users will appreciate the total control offered by the device over all of their home theater components. This one is a winner, hands down.

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