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Love for cooking becomes virtual, My Café: Recipes and Stories game

Be it a foodie or a chef, cooking food is an integral part of their lives. To be more precise, food is an integral part of all our lives. Waiting at a restaurant, no matter how much we engage in on a conversation, the only thing that occupies our mind is the food. The moment food appears we feel butterflies in our stomach. Such is the beauty of it. Which is why, when Melsoft Games created the virtual version of a café, we couldn’t resist the game. Ever since its inception to it worldwide release, the game My Café: Recipes and Stories has become a favourite.

My Café: Recipes and Stories is a widely popular simulation game that involves management as the genre. The game features activities like helping your staff, serve drinks to customers, designing and maintain your café, making healthy conversations with the customers and resolving stories, taking part in thematic events, competing in festivals being held and many more. The list of activities is endless in the beautiful My Café: Recipes and Stories game.

The main contents of the game involve Staff, Recipes, Equipment’s, Interior and Bill’s Trivia questions.

Gameplay: The café adventure begins with a café set out in a town with a virtual buddy named Ann. The main plot is to serve the customers, make delicious food & beverages and engage the café. The gameplay involves building a bakery, dinner or a restaurant and hire people as staff. In order to furnish the café, you will have to buy furniture and set the price rate for the menu. There are various decorative items with which you can decorate your café. In the game, every customer has a unique story to tell. It is the player’s duty to resolve the stories and choose responses for all the stories and conversations being told.

The best recipes in the game are:

Cappuccino recipes

Latte recipes

Ice cream and milkshake recipes

Hot chocolate recipes

The customers in the My Café: Recipes and Stories that make the whole experience of the game interesting are:

Female customers: Alice, Chloe, Cleo, Elsa, Comet, Emily, Felicia, Jennifer, Mary, Nicole, Margaret, Olivia

Male customers: Ben, Bill, Carl, Clyde, Diego, Donald, Fernando, Henry, Kevin, Koffsky, Lucas, Petrovich, Ron and Watson

The mod for the game: The latest download of the My Café: Recipes and Stories game is the version 2018.8.2 apk along with the mod and data. You can download the game and install the Apk.

Steps to install:

Install the Apk

Extract and copy the folder ‘com.melesta.coffeeshop’ to ‘Android/Odd/’

Once done, you can begin playing the game

The mod gives unlimited money, that can be used for buying stuff for the café like decorations and furniture and all the other necessities required. The money can also be used for bringing I grocery and other products needed in the kitchen.

To sum it up, this game is one of a kind for no game involves a conversation with the virtual characters and resolving their stories. Thus, making this game exciting and fun to play.

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