How to Make a Perfect Magician in Maple Story

I’m assuming you are already familiar with the game Maple Story, and are looking for a guide on skill points and stats so you can make a perfect magician.
When you start off it’s important to roll the dice until you get the right stats. Make sure both strength and dexterity have 4 points, and even if it means spending an hour rolling the dice this is an absolute necessity.

When you level up, keep your luck three points higher than your level. If you are level 100, your luck should be 103. Magicians need lots of intelligence to cast their spells and magic, so everything else goes into int. The first skill book is not very important, so put the points in whichever spell you want.

When you reach level 8 you must go to Ellinia and choose your trade. As long as you have 11 luck and the rest in intelligence you’ll be fine. You will be presented with a new spell book, and it’s very important to follow this guide for proper point distribution.

Put the first point into Energy Bolt, and then follow up with five points in MP Recovery. Now max MP Increase, and thereafter max MP recovery. You should now max magic claw, and finally max magic guard.

Every time you level you have to also remember to put in your ability points by keeping luck three higher than your level. Putting in your ability points on every level insures great MP outcome.

There are other ways to build up your magician, but by using this guide you will end up with a very strong Maplestory character. Magicians have very little HP (health), and therefore you must get Magic Guard maxed after Magic Claw. If Magic Guard is not maxed, your magician will be useless in higher levels.

Training might seem hard at first, but once you start getting points into magic claw you’ll notice a rapid increase in leveling speed. You will also make more money than you spend once MP Recovery is maxed.

You should under no circumstances use maple story hacks such as Unrandomizer, God Mode, Meso hacks, Vac Hacks etc. You will not only risk getting auto banned or permanently banned, you’ll also lose interest in the game itself. Magicians at low levels make little money, but by getting a solid buddy list and Maple Story network you’ll find many people that are willing to help you out.

If you need other guides as to what job to choose once you reach level 30, you can read my other guides on that subject. The Maple Story Download can be found at

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