A visual system using a Global Positioning System (GPS), the Geographic Information System is able to integrate a number of different types of measurement and mapping including cartography, topography and political boundaries. They include closed government services like ESRI and public services such as Google Earth.
Citizen Service Platform, known as AMANDA by the CSDC, can synthesize all the data coming from a GIS, and, using the Global Positioning System data, combine information and work with other existing databases to add such mapped data as zoning regulations, utility lines and permits for residences and commercial buildings. This information, which can be integrated with nearly any platform offering data from a Global Positioning System, can be used by building inspectors looking for expired permits, utility companies looking for the position of underground water and gas lines. It can also be hosted publicly, allowing prospective business owners to understand all the important elements of the neighborhoods under consideration.

Usually, governments have had access to all this information, but have not been able to put the information together in an especially useful way, requiring time-consuming manual combinations of data. As a result, much of the most useful data went under-utilized. The GIS support offered by the AMANDA platform combines data in a way that easily adds layers to existing mapping and can create quick and easy visual representations of some of government’s most important functions.

GIS support through AMANDA can be used on the road as well. The AMANDA mobile platform can offer the same information to government employees and contractors out of the office and on the job, allowing them to make critical decisions in real time. Because AMANDA can quickly adjust to new car GPS data, aerial photographs of parking lots can be measured in real time to check on compliance issues.

The AMANDA GIS support platform is taking Global Positioning Systems to the next level for greater government competence.

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