Microsoft Underestimating the Power of the Internet – Windows 7 Download Servers Crashes

Case in Point :Today’s epic disaster around a placement of a Windows 7 open beta download . This sunrise Microsoft’s web servers fell to their knees underneath a vigour of consistent web page refreshes by enthusiasts who wish to proffer their time to exam Windows 7 after Steve Ballmer’s proclamation a download would be accessible during noon today. (Since noon today, a download was there, afterwards pulled, as well as behind up again usually if we know a approach links , as well as a betrothed product keys still aren’t available. There’s “no ETA” when they will be.)

Is it illusory which Microsoft is charity this freebie preview? Yes. Is it shameful which they’d be so woefully confused for a direct it would draw? Which additionally would be a YES.

Sure, hosting a multi-gigabyte download upon a web is an enormously costly undertaking, yet Microsoft has some-more income than God. Plus, whilst a download itself is large, it’s usually of seductiveness to a comparatively tiny apportionment of a population. If miss of infrastructure to hoop an violent trade spike over a couple of hours was indeed a complaint (even yet these were conditions Microsoft created), there have been lots of alternatives they could’ve used which would have kept their servers up. In fact, users have been happily downloading as well as distributing a Windows 7 beta set up 7000 right away for weeks regulating an fit file-sharing custom called BitTorrent .

(Think it’s a funny thought for a association to make use of BitTorrent to discharge vast files? Ubuntu is regularly seeding a swell of their categorical distro.)

Microsoft’s not a usually a single who’s blown web launches. Apple did it spectacularly with MobileMe , as well as even an occasional Google product craps a bed when a planets misalign.

But for a association that’s pulling clouded cover computing as well as web services as well as perplexing so tough to infer which they’re ready to pierce off a desktop as well as onto a web , today’s Win7 borkfest proves Microsoft is still as well clueless about how to do things online to be taken seriously.

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