Monster Bunker Strategies for Backyard Monsters

Last week the folks at Casual Collective dropped a new structure into their wildly successful Facebook game Backyard Monsters. After being hinted at for months, Backyard warriors can now add a Monster Bunker to defend against the hordes intent on pillaging your resources and burning your buildings. The Monster Bunker allows players to store monsters to be used in defense of your base. Like other defensive structures, once an enemy monster comes within the Monster Bunker’s defense radius your monsters come pouring out to join the battle.
With a defensive radius of a Sniper Tower, the Monster Bunker offers an edge in bolstering one’s base defenses. After the Monster Bunker is built, click on the structure to open it. You will be given a choice of which monsters to transfer from your present Monster Housing units into the Bunker. There is a small putty cost associated with transferring monsters from Housing to the Bunker. Don’t forget that after you select your monsters, you have to hit the transfer button on the Bunker dialogue screen to complete the transfer. If you do not do this, your monsters will stay in the Housing unit.

During a battle once an enemy monster crosses the defense range of the Monster Bunker, your monsters will come pouring out in defense of your base. It appears that no matter what type of monster you place in your Bunkers, they will actively defend against the attacking force. This means that you don’t have to worry about the normal behavior of the monsters in your Bunker. An Ichi and Fang will defend against your aggressors in the same way. Knowing this, think about the monster’s stats and not attacking behavior when loading your Bunkers. Each of your defensive monsters seek out a target and engage the attacker in combat. This stops the attacking monster long enough to engage the defender. After the battle is over, any of your defensive monsters that survive will be returned to your bunker and healed at no cost to you.

I’ve toyed around with a couple of strategies using the Monster Bunker that will not only increase your defensive, but offensive capabilities.

Picket Lines

Another possibility in using your Monster Bunkers is to put them at the edges of your base. With a range similar to that of a Sniper Tower, the Monster Bunker could make a decent first line defense. Keep in mind that your monsters will have to travel to engage the enemy after the doors of the Bunker have been opened. To press the picket line concept, you will have to use fast moving monsters. The quicker your monsters can make the enemy stop for an engagement, the more time your regular defenses have to do damage to the enemy. Any damage your defending monsters do is a bonus. Your goal here is to hold back the horde long enough for your normal defenses to do more damage. Waves of Bolts or Pokeys would be optimal for picket duty, but don’t expect many to return to your Bunkers after the battle. Another choice for the picket line defense is loading up your Bunkers with Eye-Ras. When an Eye-Ra attacks, it explodes causing damage to every monster in the blast radius.

Hold the Line

Using this strategy, you place all of your Monster Bunkers around the structures you’re wishing to protect at all costs. Let’s say you’re using your Bunkers as a last ditch defense for your Town Hall. Placing all three of your Bunkers around your Town Hall will give you the benefit of another structure in between the attacking monsters and your Town Hall. Dependent on the placement of the Bunkers and the orientation of the enemy’s attack, you could buy some time for your defenses to wear down the attackers while they gnaw on your Bunkers and not your Town Hall. That’s not to mention all of your monsters that have poured out of the Bunkers to join in the bloodshed. I’d suggest a mix of DAVEs and Fangs for holding the line. They’re slower, but pack enough of a punch they should make quick work of opposing forces that have gotten that far into your base.

These are only some of the possibilities that come with the construction of a Monster Bunker. Dependent on your opponent’s mix of monsters on their roster; experiment with different monsters in your Bunkers. If nothing else, build your limit of three Bunkers on your board. Even if you aren’t using them at the moment, anyone who recons your yard won’t know that. You will project a position of a strong defense and sometimes that’s all it takes to ward off an errant attack.

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