Mother’s Day Gifts for the Technologically Savvy

Mother’s Day does not have to mean gifts of flowers and spa treatments. While that is great for some moms, others want something a little bit more cutting-edge. Technologically savvy mothers deserve to get something that suits their needs for Mother’s Day. For the mom that enjoys technology, there are lots of choices for Mother’s Days gifts.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, many moms that are into gadgets and technology would enjoy a digital picture frame. Digital picture frames have a lot more to offer than just holding photographs. For someone who enjoys keeping up with the latest technology, they are useful and fun. Your mom would be able to store her photos on the frame by simply inserting a memory card from a digital camera, and the frame can also be set to music. Not only that, but your mother can display her favorite pictures of you. Your mom has gorgeous children, and its time that she creates a photo montage of you and your siblings. She’d be the coolest mom at the bridge group, and you can help her achieve that by spending around $100 at most retailers.

If a digital picture frame already rests on your mother’s mantel, consider a GPS. A GPS is great for a mother who both enjoys technology and loves to travel. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to introduce your mother to the device that makes travel easier. Also, you can get her a GPS that includes Bluetooth and an mp3 player. Maybe your mother enjoys reading, but cannot do it while traveling. Get her a GPS that plays audio books. With a GPS, she’ll never get lost again. Also, she will be able to make more trips to see you with her flashy new gadget. A GPS can be bought for as low at $120. Buy your mom a good GPS, though, and spend around $300. The best deals can be found on Amazon.

Let’s say you’ve considered the picture frame, and it just didn’t call out to you. The GPS sounded like a good idea, but your mom isn’t that into traveling. Don’t worry, because you are not out of options quite yet. Get your mom a Tivo. A Tivo is something that a technologically savvy mother should not go without. A Tivo does more than merely record television shows. She can link it to her computer. Once linked, the Tivo can display pictures from the computer and play music that is stored on the computer. A Tivo is more of an entertainment system than a digital recorder. It can do much more than most people realize.

If none of these gifts sound like something your mother would enjoy, do not despair. While it is a little pricier than the previous gifts, a Kindle would certainly excite any mother who has an interest in technology. Selling for around $400 on Amazon, the Kindle combines the best of reading and the best of technology all into one handheld device. A Kindle gives the user access to over 100,000 books. It is like having a bookstore right in your hands. Buy a book, have it delivered to the Kindle, and start to read. Your mother would be a hit if she received a Kindle from you on Mother’s Day. It would be great for travel. She would have books and newspapers available to read. She would also get use out of the Kindle while at home. Imagine lying in bed, reaching over to grab an electronic device, and picking out the book or newspaper you wanted to read right on the spot.

Buying a Mother’s Day gift for the technologically savvy mother can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of choices to pick through. Maybe when you’re shopping for mom, you can pick up a couple of the suggestions for yourself. No one can have too many gadgets in their house.

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