New Video Game Technology Employs Thoughts and Emotions

Mind controlled video games could become the wave of the future. For gamers, this would be the ultimate thrill. A company called Emotiv Systems Inc., which is based in San Francisco, California, has developed a helmet that uses thoughts to control video game characters.
The new headset is called “project epic” and looks like an ordinary bicycle helmet. It can detect brainwaves in a similar fashion to the technology used in the medical profession called electroencephalography or EEG. This privately owned start-up company plans to work with video game developers to bring these latest advancements in neuro-technology to market.

Emotiv has developed a kit called the Emotiv Development Kit or EDK. This kit features the helmet and a revolutionary processing device. The software for this device will consist of three interactive applications called the Expressiv, Affectiv and Cognitiv. The unit can detect facial expressions, measure emotional states, and perceive a players’ conscious thoughts. All of this happens in real time. Characters can come to life as artificial intelligence allows them to imitate the video gamers’ expressions. The degree of game difficulty can be altered according to the players emotions. It will be possible to use the power of thought to manipulate virtual objects. The video game experience will be raised to a level that will respond more naturally to the user.

Joy sticks and keyboards will no longer be a required part of video gaming. The mind will become the tool and thoughts will drive the games. Developers have long sought a solution to replace the austere joy stick. Emotiv’s EDK is the answer. This product could create a wide range of further possibilities in video game interface development. Video games themselves have been greatly improved over the years. Companies, such as Emotiv, promise to create a dynamic upgrade to the interface side of the business.

No specific pricing has been announced for this product. Emotiv plans to make this technology available to consumers in 2008. The video game industry will be the first to incorporate this system. Eventually, this technology will be adapted for uses in interactive television, medicine, security and market research.

There are several other companies developing similar technologies. Emotiv Systems is one of the first to apply EEG technology to video games. Next generation video games will merge communication between man and machine using conscious and non-conscious inputs. This scientific breakthrough is the first of its kind to be made available to the public.

EEG technology is non-evasive. It is safe for usage by humans. This has been proven by its use in the medical community for decades. Video gamers now have a reason to be excited beyond the release of the next mega-action game. Video game users have become more sophisticated over the years. A new dimension of inter-activity will challenge them in ways never before imagined.

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