No More WASD Gaming Control!

Each year millions of gamers are subjected to unwillingly using the primary control method for most computer games, the dreaded WASD. WASD is the controls set around using the letters W, A, S, and D to go forward, left, right and backwards. Along with this, you must use the mouse, and several other neighboring buttons, such as Q, E, space bar, ab, shift, control, and 1-5.
A lot of people have absolutely no problem with these controls, others enjoy these controls, but there are some people who flat out hate these controls for their games, but either live with it, or don’t play. Well, I have good news. You no longer have to use these controls! There are many alternatives for controls these days, and most are fairly cheap and easy to use. Your first option is the easiest. Simply go into the game settings for each game, and configure the controls to something easier for you to use, go example an arrow control system based on up, left, right and down, or maybe a numpad control setup.

The second alternative is to get a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards have special easy to use controls designed especially for computer games. These may be costly, but in the long run you will get your money’s worth out of it. The next alternative is a personal favorite, the game pad. A game pad is a controller, like for a play station,but with a usb adapter that can be simply plugged in to your computer. Remember though, you need to go into game settings, and redo the controls, so that you can use the controller with the game.

Do not cheap out on this, cheap game pads will not work properly, and may have either sticking buttons, poor reaction time, or may not work well with your computer. If you do not like any of these alternatives, simply go down to your local game store, and ask someone working there about your options, they would be glad to recommend to you what is best and where to find it. Your gaming style may differ from mine, so please, feel free to look around, test out all the other computer gaming controllers out there, whether it be a joystick, gaming mouse, or some other variant.

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