Overrated Tech Gadgets: Don’t Believe the Hype

It seems as though every day brings a new technological development to captivate our attention. While many devices don’t live up to their promises, there are a handful of tech gadgets that are particularly disappointing.

Apple iPad

First, the iPad is too expensive considering its limitations. You will still need a more robust laptop PC to make up for what the iPad lacks in features. Also, the iPad has no physical keyboard. This is a major drawback for those who primarily input data by typing. Finally, the iPad cannot make phone calls like many other tablet computers that feature this capability. Apple users might be ruffled by this, but the limitations are real.


The Segway is certainly near the top of the list of overrated tech gadgets, as it fails to live up to its promise: less reliance on cars. However, it’s too small to drive on streets with other larger vehicles. It’s also too large to take aboard public transportation or use in smaller spaces. Finally, the Segway’s developers suggested that it could assist the disabled in getting around. Since the operator must stand, this intended use is very limited.


This tech gadget held such promise, but also disappoints. The connection between the earpiece and the phone device is extremely poor and unreliable. The experience is frustrating for those of us on the receiving end of Bluetooth calls. Plus, most mobile devices already have earpiece attachments that are capable of making hands-free calls. The Bluetooth also has limited use in the real world: The only time you really must go hands-free is while driving.


The Wii is overrated as a tech gadget largely due to its unsophisticated, primitive graphics. When compared to similar gaming units only slightly higher in cost, this weakness is its primary drawback. It also features unpredictable controllers that are frustrating to users expecting quicker and more accurate response. Finally, the Wii has too few games to support much following among serious gamers.


The Netbook seemed to be a mini-laptop that made sense due to its portability. However, a few weaknesses make it another substandard device. These computers feature less processing capability, which makes all applications extremely slow. Also, there is limited hard drive space, reducing the number of programs and files you can store. Rounding out the flaws is a battery that only allows approximately two hours of use.


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