Parlor and Marketplace Games: Catching the Coat Tails of Major Console Titles?

Anybody who loves video games, like myself, can thoroughly appreciate a well made game.
That can be said if you can endure what you have to have to play some of the newer games. Computer gamers are constantly upgrading hardware. Consoles are always adding add-ons that some releases require in order to be played. Hand-held console fans are bombarded with accessories, as usual. Many games require a monthly subscription AND purchase of the full game just to play it. I find that just to enjoy the end product, sometimes I’d be paying paying hundreds of dollars.

In my quest to add to my game collection and find more masterpieces to enjoy, the modern marketplaces for all the next-gen consoles was very appealing. After burning through my share of cash on marketplace games, I find myself coming back to play these more than I expected.

After 2 + 2 hit me, I realized what is was. That deciding factor: game-play.

Sure, so my ‘Naruto: Ninja Storm 2’ ran me about 60 bucks brand new. I fully enjoy this game, and play it quite often. I’d say that I got my money’s worth. Meanwhile, back in my marketplace rests a few gems I paid for.
I have ‘Castle Crashers’ which is a frequent for me. I actually find myself playing this game MORE than Naruto. I paid $15 or so for ‘Castle Crashers‘, But $60 for ‘Naruto: Ninja Storm 2′.

It’s the immersion of the game that I find trapping me for both of these great titles. Immersion goes hand-in-hand with game-play. It’s not about the cost of the game, nor the graphics. Graphics matter, yes, and are a nice perk to a nicely made game. But your game should be something you want to pick up and play, and your enjoyment should come naturally.

With technology advancing every 3 months, this creates a problem for big-time producers. When marketplace titles can give you the satisfaction of a console title for $15, this leaves bigger developers needing a rabbit out of a hat.

I don’t necessarily believe that the marketplace will take over or anything like that. There are still several titles marketplace games can’t touch, but they are coming close. Don’t think ‘Naruto: Ninja Storm 2’ is the only game I’m talking about either. You have the new ‘Medal of Honor’ for $60; then you have ‘Battlefield 1943’ in the marketplace. ‘Medal of Honor’ was fun, but ‘Battlefield 1943’ literally offers just as much as the ‘Medal of Honor’ console title.

Why pay 4 times the amount for the game, when what you want is the experience?

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