PC Game Battlefield 2 Review

Battlefield 2 has 2 main modes you can play on. Conquest and Co-op. Conquest is the one where you get points and get ranked depending how many points you have. As you rank up in the game you get new weapons and gadgets you may use in online play. Although there are some servers that only allow you to use stock weapons. Like other games you may be killed and re-spawn. When you re-spawn you get all your ammo back and your health as well. When you play on co-op, you are basically playing conquest, because it is the same idea, just now you are playing with “bots” or Computers.
Before Re-spawning you can choose what class you want to be. You can choose from Assault, Medic, Engineer, Spec ops, sniper, support and anti-tank.

All Classes carry knives for CQC*
Assault you carry a rifle, and the rifle has a grenade launcher on it. Which comes in handy when you run out of bullets.

Medic, You carry a rifle as well usually this rifle fires in Burst- or Single shot mode. You also have a pair of Defibrilators which you can use to revive your critically injured teammates. You also have med packs which when playing conquest, you can drop them and if someone picks them up the get healed and they give you support points to help you rank up.

Engineer usually carries a shotgun, mines, a wrench which you can use to dismantle mines which can be helpful when your teammates vehicles are trying to get past a bridge or something that people put mines. The Wrench also allows you to repair damaged vehicles, and when you are inside one of the vehicles , you also repair the ones close to it.

Spec Ops, carries a rifle with a nice scope, and C4. C4 can be used to set up traps on walls. You can also put them on a car, drive up behind an enemy tank, get out of the car run away, and detonate the C4 and get points for killing the tank.

Sniper: Carries Long Range Rifle with scope, you also carry Anti-Personel mines aka. Claymores, and Silenced pistols

Support: Carries large Caliber Machine guns, which ammo bags which can be used to resupply teamates with ammo, which again, contributes to ranking up.

Anti-Tank: Carries small rifle, used mostly for CQC (Close Quarter Combat)* also carries nice anti tank bazooka. Kills tanks and other amoured vehicles after a few hits.

The game incorporates vehicles such as tanks, Anti-Aircraft vehicles, Jets, Cargo Helicopters such as black hawks, Apache Helicopters.
All vehicles have their own weaknesses. Anti-Aircrafts can kill planes and helicopters very fast but will not stand a chance against a Tank.

Unique Features:

In online play you may be either a squad member or a squad leader. Squad Leaders command a squad of up to 6 players, each squad has their own color. Leaders can give out tactical commands such as repair points, attack points, defend points which are marked by specific colors. Squads can communicate via the VOIP (Voice over IP), the game has incorporated.

The commander is much like a squad leader, but instead of commanding squad members, he commands the squad leaders. At the end of rounds the commander may win a bonus depending on whether his team wins or loses. Usually the commander stays at the no-cap spawn bases. Doing something people call “Camping”, in other words they just sit around doing nothing, anyone not a commander would be frowned upon.

Overall, I really like the game, although I’m not a huge fan of the ranking system, due to the fact that I haven’t gathered enough points to rank up past Master Sargent. Really Good Graphics that can only be taken advantage of with a high performance graphic card, and lots of ram so that you don’t lag out all the time. 1gigabyte or more of ram would work really well with this game.

Scale 1(lowest)———–10(Highest)

Game play–8.5

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