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How to play Family Guy game properly during the initial stage?

Family guy is a very popular game where your task will be to rebuild. You will need Peter who will clear the entire town and will uproot all the debris and you will need to find the characters like Stewie. So play the game more properly and you will need to apply certain tricks and tips that will refrain you from spending the real cash.

Hire Builders: When you will start this game you will have only one builder with you. So it indicates that when he will be working on a particular project you won’t be able to build something else until the previous job gets done. So you will definitely need to hire some more builders at least four of them so that it will make your production or building faster and will eventually help you to earn more money.

Short term jobs: If you want to rack up some coins very quickly then all you have to do is keep some time for performing little tasks by using the characters. You can perform the partner task like the Quagmire napping and Peter who will help you to easily earn more coins as well as XP on both the characters.

Building the base: If you tap on the information button that is present on the inventory selector, it will indicate the amount of XP as well as the coins that you will earn from building a particular object. This is quite important because nobody wants to spend their time and currency on unwanted things and opt for something that can easily help them to increase the XP and currency quickly. So always start with the buildings of an item that will help you to earn more XP and cash.

Storing items and buildings: In the building, one can easily store the objects as well as the building which currently doesn’t have enough space to get stored. This is very convenient when someone is thinking of building something new instead of cash flowing it on something like upgradation even though you are running low on rooms. So you have to do is place one item while building another.

Characters are working: Before you are closing the game make sure that all the characters which you have unlocked are doing something or working on something. So this will not only help you to make a proper count of coins or XP but will avoid making you sit idle.

Save the longer task: If you are opting for a task that will be needing a lot of time to complete then you need to save it before you are closing the game. So in this way, you won’t have to tie up the entire character when you will be playing the game and you can do it later on when you will be closing the game.

So this is an overview on how to play this game more effectively. You will have to practice it daily to become a professional in this game.

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