How to play Transformers like a professional?

Transformers is a base building game which requires a lot of strategies. It is about clashing with the transformers. So in order to play The Transformers: Earth Wars like a professional one needs to follow and build up the entire game properly.

Base management:

Leave the obstacles like the trees or rocks alone until you are requiring new space or you are having some extra resource that you want to spend.

Always ensure that you are having enough resources. Build strong storage areas and harvesting structure and keep it fully upgraded so that you won’t have to stress much about the defense. So the maximum amount which you can stockpile, the maximum benefit will be achieved by you in terms of building or upgrading later.

Always keep the defenses in a closed area. But do not keep them too close or else they will be vulnerable to the enemy bombardment. But maintain an optimum range from each other.

Get very much intimate with the walls because it will help you to block the defenses of other opponents. You can also keep the mortars behind the wall so that your enemies won’t be able to invade your place when they will see such explosives.

The rule of 5 minutes which you will need to take advantage of. If you are building something that is the time that is left is less than 5 minutes then you can easily complete it for free if the time is less than 5 minutes. In this way, you can not only boost the defense but also the production than the usual and it will also help you to stockpile the cyber coins in a better way.

Joining the alliance will help you to take part in different kind of wars and you can also win a good fortune from them. It will also help you to communicate with other players and know about different kinds of stuff of this game.


Always try to balance the team. A gunner will be quiet frail and the warriors will be better when it comes to absorbing the damage than defending it. If you’re focusing on only one area then it will lead to trouble.

Keep updating the shuttle as frequently as you can because it will not only add some additional level but will also help you to easily carry some extra character into the battle.

Check the bios of the characters. Ensure that the type of character that you are picking is suiting your preferences. Check the level, general class information, power, range or special abilities.

You will have to attack constantly if you want to win. After winning the game you will be getting some extra resources that will help you to keep the shield if you are having one. If your team loses then the bots will need some extra minutes for healing.

This is a guide if you want to play this game professionally. Base management and attack are the two important part of this game and it is properly mentioned. Now all you have to do is practice for mastering them.

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