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Have you played the CSR racing game yet? Read for more details

Racing games have come and gone, some stay with us forever while some don’t make it to the finish line. There is one thing that is common about every racing game, the adrenaline rush that comes in the form of that tingling excitement that moves through your fingers while virtually racing through the tracks of the CSR Racing game. The game gives a player the feel from the Fast and Furious movie series, where cars lit up the scenes and the races boosted up every mind of the people watching.

An overview of the CSR Racing game:

Boss Alien and Natural Motion Games introduced a free-to-play drag racing game, the CSR Racing. In this game a player is required to take the role of a new racer looking to make an identity for himself or herself, in a deserted city, prevailing with the rule of five racing crews. The game had received a sequel to it on iOS and Android two years back called the CSR Racing 2. With equally enticing and thrilling adventures, the CSR Racing game levels up in the sequel.

What is the gameplay of the CSR Racing game?

The CSR Racing is a single player, component game split into five tiers. Each tier of the game introduces progressively with a faster opposition and faster vehicles. Each level has a boss that needs to be defeated by the player. Once the tier boss is defeated by the player, he or she levels up to a new tier of the game. Every level up to a tier challenges the player with higher stakes for a rematch. With every win of a tier, a player is awarded the boss’ car. There is a catch if the player fails to defeat the tier boss, then he or she will have to give up all the gold they had collected or won in the previous tier boss race.

Is there any possibility of a multiplayer mode?

Well, yes, there is. The game features a multiplayer mode in addition to its single player campaign and was featured on 13th of December, 2012. In the multiplayer mode, a player spends money to enter a room that will have six other opponents. In this mode, every player will have to beat all the six opponents to earn a ‘win streak’. Upon winning four, five or six races, the player wins one, two or three ‘cards’, respectively. These cards contain many special features like fuel, free upgrades, gold, cash and ‘Pro Cars’ vehicle parts.

Is there any mod for the game?

The version CSR Racing 5.0.1 .apk and the CSR Racing 2 1.21.0 .apk are the best modulation available right now for the game. You can easily access it from various sites available on the internet. With the new mods available, a player can build their dream garage, play with friends and make friends, upgrade their cars and tune them and configure their settings. The best part about the mod, a player can dominate the city and will play at 2K resolution with nextgeneration graphics.

To sum it up, this game is amazing and super exciting to play with friends. The singleplayer mode is thrilling and really engaging, for you fight for your own, alone.

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