Pokemon Colosseum Cheats: Play with Celebi!

Celebi is Pokemon number 251, and has a pink or green appearance depending on which version you happen to catch. This type of Pokemon is said to have time traveling abilities, and favors forested areas.
However, Celebi is not available in all “Pokemon” games, much to the chagrin of die-hard fans of the cute little monster. Sadly, for those players who own “Pokemon Colosseum”, there is not way to catch Celebi in-game. That being said, that doesn’t mean it is possible to use a Celebi in “Pokemon Colosseum”.

There are a couple of ways to do so, which I will outline below. Be forewarned, however, that you might not find the effort required to get Celebi in game is worth the reward.

Tactic 1

Import the Japanese version of “Pokemon Colosseum“. When customers in Japan pre-ordered this version of the game, it came with a special bonus disc that allowed users to download Celebi into the game. Some importers will import both the game and the bonus disc, but some will only import the game itself, so make sure to read the listing carefully. You will then need to consult a guide on playing import games on your US-based system, a number of which can be found with a quick Google search.

Tactic 2

Ask one of your friends who has Celebi to trade it to you. If your friend has Celebi on a version of a Pokemon game that is compatible for trading with “Pokemon Colosseum”, they can trade their Celebi for one of your Pokemon. You can use the trade machine in Phenac City to trade Pokémon to and from “Pokémon Ruby” and “Pokemon Sapphire”. To gain access to the machine, defeat the boss of Realgam’s Colosseum.

Tactic 3

Post a message on Craigslist or a Pokemon Fan Forum (such as the one at seeking someone in your area who may be willing to trade or sell their Celebi to you. You can use the trade machine as usual with them.

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