Preparing a Memorable Valedictorian Speech

You may be a graduate student with excellent grades but the thought of preparing a valedictorian speech can run a chill down your spine. A valedictorian speech should not only be nostalgic but also a memorable one in your life. You can search the Internet or browse through volumes of books but you will only find common valedictorian speeches and nothing unique or impressive.

The best valedictorian speech can only be written by you and no matter how much you search for articles, all that is important is your thoughts and experiences you have had in high school! So if you are ready to start, here are a few guidelines that can help you prepare a memorable valedictorian speech, and who knows, you may even get a standing ovation for!

1. Start with your oration, it is a good thought to remember those who departed during your school days. Keep the list short otherwise it may seem that your Valedictorian speech has only condolences. Talking about them in the beginning can help you start in a low note and then gradually end the speech in a cheerful tone.

2. The next is your introduction. Keep your opening brief but frivolous just to cover-up the sad start. Prepare an intro that has a flavor of humor and at the same time conveys your gratitude to all your friends and teachers. An intro should not talk about you but your personal experiences in your school premises with your peers and teachers around. Make them feel special – that is the key.

3. Then go ahead with your main content you wish to deliver to your audience. Keep it as short as possible, maximum of 2 – 3 paragraphs that sustains for about 5 minutes. Talk about your growth and achievements as a graduating student.

4. Add in a few names to your Valedictorian speech, which is a very effective way to keep the audience enticed. They will all be eager to know where they fit in your speech. Tell them what you have learned from them and what you have observed of them. Keep the speech light. It is time to amuse your audience with your wit by entertaining young and old with ‘inside jokes’. You should try and cogitate on some of the major events or incidents that people can recognize and even correlate them with.

5. As you approach the end of your speech, remember its time for serious notes. Trim down on the jokes and name-dropping. But don’t immediately start talking about your future plans; the time is yet to come. Your speech should counterbalance the nostalgic moments as well as your futurities.

6. And now for the conclusion part, keep it short and sweet. As the famous saying goes – All’s well that ends well, the end of your Valedictorian speech is the most significant element of your speech. You should have not more than two lines as your concluding thoughts, one of which is “Thank you” and probably your future plans. Get your parting words short and effective to make your audience oblige for an impressive speech.

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