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The puzzle of Magic Mod, An amazing to make your life adventurous

The tremendous and excellent game Puzzle of Magic Mod is exceptionally unique. It is an amazing way to make puzzle combat. The struggle is between you, your skilled heroes versus the deadly monsters. Now it is the perfect time to begin your adventure amazingly in the world of Fantasia.

Make your days more colorful in the magic world taking help of the fun-fun as your only guide and go for defeating the monsters who would match the 3 puzzles. Your encounter may be considered a little mysterious, maybe a little dangerous as well but it would always be full of some amazing things at the end of the day. Just prepare yourself to get yourself matched with the game rule. Know the golden rule of the game and the feature of special magic would make you get away with all obstacles.

Know the favorable rules of the game to be a lucky player

You must know to defeat the monsters with weapons like Bows, Swords, and Wands. Go for healing your HP along with the potion received and skillfully use the magical powers along with the magic books. The tactics can help you effortlessly to consume Mana and ultimately attack the deadly monsters. This will make you grab hold of the next level.

You can even go for rescuing the heroes, ultimately making them your true friends. You can also call for them on stage and fight the really dangerous monsters. You must take note of that there are many unidentified and deadly creatures residing in Fantasia. There sudden attacking nature would surely disrupt your adventurous journey. You must know the tactics to overcome such obstacles and ultimately save the world. Your main aim should be returning home safely.

Some advice to continue your adventure amazingly

First of all, you must think yourself to be lucky enough if you solve your problems on your own. There are tons of works in the whole journey. You have to be very strategic for crossing the difficult level one after the other. All the puzzle stones have there own unique specialty. It is advisable that using the Magic book in the maps available for initiating a powerful change. Even at times summoning the heroes can make you clear all the level you have just appeared in. But being a player you must know about the pros and cons.

Some of your heroes may go for attacking the monsters but some of them can also help your HP or even Mana. The best option for success is choosing the right hero to defeat your enemy. Open the treasure box pointed in the map and receive “Enchant”. At times you also need to protect your heroes as a rule in the mission. There also can be chances of “Monster Summoning Portals” or features of “Monster Waves” in the difficult levels. Some monsters in the game have special magical powers and you too have powers to cheep up your talented heroes. So begin your adventurous journey in the world of Fantasia.

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