Review: Guitar Hero 3

Guitar Hero 3 is one of best games ever created and the best game that feels that you are acually in there.The sound effects of Guitar Hero 3 are amazing. All the songs are so cool because those or the most popular songs in those days.One of the best things is that it tells you who made it famous and who wrote it and when was it cerated so like when you have an mp3 you could download the song you liked best.Anaother cool thing is that whe guitar is creative and original that if you dont like it you could custimaze it by adding faborite stickers to the guitar also included on the guitar.The best thing it has is that you acually fell like a rockstar and if you dont know how to play a electic guitar this is the best way to lear that anyone with no experince could learn.The notes are so easy that it teaches you by levels easy,medium,hard and expert and anyone with no experience and a little hard work could get expert.

Guitar Hero 3 has 5 color buttons that represent the notes of the guitar and one power buttons for guitar battles ans on start button and one of the most important a strumer. The game has over 70 songs and one of the best thinga is that it has Wi Fi so you could challenge anyone around the world or someone you know. It also has multiplayer guitar battle and career mode and in career mode you make your band and buy guitars,characters,outfits,videos,songs and finishes.The graphic of the game are spectacular that when you play it looks and feels you ar there there it looks so realistic. I think this is one of the best games I ever played because it teaches you an instrument that most people like.Just think for a minute,think out of all the games you ever played which one teaches you how to play an instument. If you are thinking of buying this game for someone as a gift or for your self and you are not sure if you should buy it do not hesitate you will never regret it because is the best game ever even if you sell it or your parents confiscated it or what ever no one could steal away your learnings from that game so if you have money and you do not to know what to spend it on buy Guitar Hero 3.

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