How-To Schedule Symantec LiveUpdate to Automatically Download Virus Definitions

Millions of computers are infected with malicious content daily. As more individuals transmit sensitive data, attempts to steal data have increased. Symantec corporations produces anti-virus software that provides risk-mitigation against over 9,000,000 kinds of virus found on the internet. Daily, millions of internet users are protected against malicious content due to virus definitions distributed by Symantec.

Step 1

Open the Symantec antivirus software. You can access the program in “All Programs” or by right-clicking the yellow shield in the system tray.


Step 2

Click the “Change settings” button.


Step 3

Press the “configure settings” button in the Client Management field on the “Change Settings” menu.


Step 4

Select the “Scheduled Updates” tabs at the top of the “Client Management Settings” window. Place a check in the box labeled “Enable Automatic Updates”.


Step 5

Configure update frequency in the field labeled “Frequency”. In the field labeled “When” select the hour for definition downloads to occur.


Step 6

Press the “OK” button at the bottom of the Client Management window to save the settings and automatically receive virus definition distributions.



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