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Shadow Fight – An overall guide on the gear sets, handling the gems and coins and winning the battles

Shadow Fight is a game that mainly revolves around roleplaying and it is a fighting game which was developed by the Nekki. Here a person needs to adopt several strategies in order to move up in the food chain and to become the most powerful person by defeating all the demons that are trying to block the path that leads to victory. In this game, building the gear set properly and managing the gems and coins by implementing proper strategy is very essential for winning the battles. So in this article, some of the beginners guides is discussed. Shadow Fight is a popular game which you can play on your mobile phone anytime. So you will have to control your character Apple from several moves for battling against them.

Win the Battles

Having a proper fighting strategy is very important if you are aiming at winning this game and hence you will need proper weapons as well as magical abilities. Using punches and kicks will be very essential for winning the battles. Buying proper gear is also important.

Always ensure that the first hitting that is done by your opponent must be blocked by you and then you will have to fake the retreat. So when they will be missing or hitting the block then you will have to swoop in for taking the first strike.

One must understand when to use the kicks and when to apply the punches. If you are disrupting the attack or movements from an enemy then you must use the kicks whereas punches will act like the meal ticket and will be beneficial when you will be opting for the head strikes. So whenever the opponent is moving towards your direction make sure that you are kicking them and when they will be getting into the position of performing an attack then you will have to punch them.

Always try to practice the moving tricks properly so that they can escape the opponents in the right moment.

Manage coins and gems

It is always a wise idea to buy new tools when you will have to face a strong enemy. You can always farm the gems if you are not having enough resources to buy the gem pack.

Gear set

If you are competing with the insane opponents then you will have to buy the new gear. Always opt for the defensive gear than the offensive gear.

You don’t always have to opt for the skill trees at the beginning of the game and you will need to find out the right strategies.

Having a proper strategy while playing a game where you will have to face an opponent should be strong. There are several tricks which one can implement for escaping the opponents and make yourself so strong that you don’t always have to opt for the gem pack while fighting with insane enemies.

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