Sony A3000: A Beast of a TV

Alright, I tried out the Sony A3000 and later bought it. Right now, the whole RPTVs are being discontinued by Sony to focus more on LCD’s ala xbr bravia. Sad, I know because this TV is great. The size is a great bang for the buck, the picture is great after a bit of tweaking. I was considering this over the Samsung LED model but being that it was first gen, it was plagued with problems. Anyhow, the a3000 is not entirely rear projection. It uses LCOS which if I remember correctly, uses liquid crystals like LCD’s minus all the hubbub with the motion blur. Being that it uses LCOS, it doesnt use a color wheel,therefore it has less moving parts, less chances of having something to fail, and a thinner tv. The motion enhancer on the TV makes 300 look great and almost too real when set to high. It’s a blast using this to play my ps3. Please consider this TV if thinking of a future purchase. If you do, hurry quick before it’s sold out being that it has been discontinued.

I forgot to mention that I purchased the 60 inch model at that price. Yes, very good bang for the buck at that size being that an LCD at that size would cost around 8000. If I recall correctly, the TV’s native solution is 1080p. Please though, get an HD cable box for this tv. Most cable boxes are only able to go up to 1080i(i.e, the Motorola Comcast cable box), however, the TV automatically deinterlaces it to make it 1080p. In other words, it upconverts the image! However, when viewing regular TV channels they look pretty bad. It CAN suffice but it leaves more to be desired but I can’t really complain since standard def is only 480i or 480p. The minor kink I ran into was I had some eye fatigue. Probably being too busy to blink looking at the beautiful picture quality! However, just minor adjustments to the brightness and picture fixed it no problem. At this date, it’s going to become hard to get one of these TV’s. I was lucky enough to get one before Crutchfield officially were OOS and completely removed it from their product listings(I bought it from Amazon, shipped from Crutchfield.).

To cover some controversy over buying such a big product online, all you have to do is do your research in the website you are interested in and see what shipping company they use. It’s really recommended to get white glove delivery for things like a TV. In case it isn’t known, in white glove delivery, the guys from the shipping company call you up to set an appointment, bring the TV inside the house and pretty much set it up for you and ask if you want to keep the box or not. Great service really.

Though this TV is now discontinued, may it rest in peace this review will serve as a very fond memory.

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