Here’s a glimpse into some of the indispensable tools or apps I use and why you might be interested.
Over there having a team meeting, you will find a cache of products from Google. While not knocking Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, etc. Google has absolutely gotten it right. From Gmail, Picasa, Documents, and Calendar to the all-powerful Blogger, Google provides the best solution for integrated user-friendly services on the Internet at a cost we all like; free!

Hanging out over by the photo gallery is Photoshop CS3, the only (although pricey) resource I use for photo editing. In the freeware category, my daughter showed me a very nice online photo editor at which is worth a look. For capturing screen shots, I use SnagIt, nothing else comes close. For the recovery of deleted photos, eimagerecovery works swell.

The sentry standing by the hard drive is McAfee Security Center. Uninvited intruders that come in through my Linksys Wireless WRT310N Router are sure to be stopped by McAfee. For the occasional spyware detection, prevention and removal, you’ll find “Spybot Search amp; Destroy”, a free download, will do a nice job. “HiJack This” provides specific support for malware removal.

For accessing or logging on to a computer remotely (like your office computer from home), I’ve recently discovered, it’s simply amazing. Log into a remote computer from anywhere you have access to the Internet and the result is as if you were sitting in your office. Imagine the possible uses.

If you use notepad, you will love to download Notepad++ for your basic document or text file editing with some very powerful features.

That little bird flying around is Twitter. One of the latest technologies to gain rapid popularity, Twitter is a form of micro-blogging or social networking that allows you to send short text messages via your computer or mobile device to whomever is signed up to receive your messages, also called tweets. Once or more a day, the idea is that you send a short text message from your computer or cell phone to tell your followers what you are up to. You can also receive updates or ‘tweets’ from those you follow to keep abreast of their activities. Twitter is a great way to keep up with friends and family members. If you haven’t heard of Twitter yet, you will! For more information go to the website.

Other ‘specialty’ tools you see hanging around are Core FTP Lite or FileZilla for File Transfer, Putty for telnet, Microsoft Media Encoder, “Any Video” Converter Professional, Able2Extract for converting PDF files into office docs, Connected backup by Iron Mountain, SmartDraw for charts and graphs, and Xobni is a free plug-in for Outlook that indexes your e-mails.

If you have an indispensable tool or application on your favorites list, tell me about it!

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Have a great day!

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