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Tips to Play Action-packed Summoners’ War Mod

Do you love to play action-packed games? Playing such a game is really adventurous and exciting. While you are bored and have nothing to do as such, getting indulged in the world of monsters is really fun. Summoners Wars Mod is really one of those action games that will give you a storyline to enjoy while killing your enemies. The unique images and vivid graphics are the USP for this game. With simple tips, you can really score well here and defeat your enemies. Once you know these tips, you can really do well in the game. Read on to know more-

Knowing the Monster Attributes Are important

You will face monsters in this game. Each monster is associated with each particular element. You need to know which elemental properties are strongest and which are weakest against their contemporaries. The elements are Fire, Wind, Water, Dark, and Light. Fire is always strong Wind while Water is strongest against Fire. So, you need to know these before playing the game.

Always Focus on One Enemy at a Time

Your main aim is to knock down your enemies. But, scattering your league on the field is not the right thing to do. Rather, you should make your team of monsters attack one enemy at a time. Thus, you can save your life easier in the game and also defeat your enemies and make sure they won’t come back again.

Deal with the Boss

Dealing with the Boss Monster will be really tough and challenging in this game. You need to make a note of Boss’s strength and weaknesses and build your own team of monsters whose elements are more powerful than the Boss’s. You can also use your monster special abilities to defeat Boss and win the game.

Always Go for Arena Battle

Once you are in the arena you will find lots of awards over there. Based on the rank of yours in the game, you will find crystals and other boost ups for your monsters that will help them to fight well in the game. What you can do is to choose certain parties to battle who are less difficult for you. You can check the difficulty level just by checking the number of swords of your opponents. Once you get a higher rank in the game by defeating them, you will get better rewards. You can earn more EXP by battling on the arena. You can also buy arena defenses to increase your chance of winning.

Use Angelmon and Devilmon the Most

Both of them are a material-type monster. You can find Angelmons in the elemental dungeons and the Angel-gardens, while the Devilmons are located at Glory Shop and Devilmon Cave. While the first one gifts lots of EXP to your monsters to use them as material in the game, Devilmons boost up the skill of any monsters.

So, here you get a few tips to enjoy the game to the fullest and score high. Download it now and make your leisure full of excitement and fun.

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