Toaster E-Mails Refrigerator

Yes, that’s what I said, “Toaster e-mails refrigerator.”
Now, in my opinion (and as we all know, everyone has one), we do NOT really need a toaster that emails our refrigerator. Let’s view how this scene might be portrayed. (Remember, this is all imaginary-except for the technology ability.)

1) Toaster wants to make toast because it likes all the “crumbs” hanging around it and inside of it for years (no one ever cleans the crumbs out of the do?..well, that makes you strange).

2) Toaster sends email to “Human” through computer (or TV) and tells “Human” to get his rear (otherwise known as “butt” for some of you) in the kitchen and put some bread in the toaster.

3) “Human” responds that he is busy and cannot be bothered at this time and besides, he does not want toast right now. (Toaster begins to send subliminal messages to “Human” so that he will want toast.)

4) Toaster sends an e-mail to Refrigerator to turn up the temperature inside because the setting is turned too low. (Toaster’s email looks like it is coming from “Human.”)

5) Refrigerator, thinking the e-mail came from “Human,” adjusts the temperature to a higher setting.

6) An hour later “Human” goes to refrigerator for a drink and the drink is lukewarm. “Human” opens the freezer section for ice and there is nothing but lukewarm water where the ice should be.

7) “Human” checks the temperature and sees that it is too warm and thinks that something is wrong with Refrigerator. He codes in a lower temperature, hoping that Refrigerator is not broken.

8) Now because of worrying over Refrigerator and since he is away from his work anyway, “Human” is overwhelmed by a desire for toast and goes to Toaster to make toast.

Do we really want to be a slave to our appliances? I for one do NOT!

Have a good day and be sure to keep your toaster happy!

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