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Recently, there has been much of hype regarding Township. So what is the main reason behind the increasing popularity of the game? This Township Review reveals it all. The main difference between Township and other games is that the players can continuously measure the economic status in their gameplay and resorts to various means such as trade, industry, and farming to increase their prosperity. The game even has taxes. It is mainly the solo players who are charged “no friends” tax. However, the game is highly promising for all the players who have a lot of friends within the game.

Township Reviewgameplay

Each of the players starts with a single town. These are well-settled towns with plenty of plowed lands all around where you can carry out farming. Hence, you can get to the action as soon as you start the game. The players can choose from a number of crops such as sugar cane, cotton, and wheat. However, the most popular staple is wheat. At the beginning of the game, the players are offered with 10 plots. Upon progressing through the game, you can unlock more plots by increasing the population of the town. This will involve a lot of activities such as managing the citizen’s happiness, creating buildings, putting up decorations, building houses and more. As you can see in this Township Review, the game is mostly about management skills and how well you have coordinate the different activities for your advantage.

Profits and resources

The crops that you grow in Township, you can either sell them in exchange for the resources or you can also have them processed into by-products. For example, if you have planted wheat, you can you can have it milled for flour and then have it shipped to the bakery where it gets converted into bread.

The advantage with processing is that you get paid much higher for the bread as compared to wheat. Hence, you will be able to gain more profit which can then be used for decorations and in building up the town at a faster pace. You can add in processing factories and various other buildings to level up the town.


Building anything in Township does not require you to pay taxes. In fact, every player has his/her own factory which manufactures vital resources such as glass, concrete, girders and more which can be used up or traded with other players. Hence, there are endless possibilities to the things you can do within the game. Hope this Township Review was helpful.

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