Turok (2008) Demo Review

Turok is a franchise that got off to a great start, and then abruptly fell off a cliff with it’s sequels. I’m finding it very hard to review this newest incarnation of the Turok series based on the demo. Why, you ask? It’s because the demo starts you off in a dark cave. It might as well be a blindness simulator. Worse yet, the demo offers no gamma or brightness options, there is no night vision, and the cave isn’t exactly easy to navigate in the dark. This is aggravated by things that your computer assistant says, such as “follow me” and “If you can’t keep up, I’ll leave you behind”. Great.
From what I could see, the graphics are okay. It’s really hard to tell in the dark. dinosaurs come out of nowhere and attack you, and it’s your job to kill them, if you can see them. It’s also kind of hard to tell a live dino from a dead one in the dark. The controls are responsive and very quick. The weapons seem to be okay, and the knife kill animations are kinda cool. This demo suffers from nearly the opposite problem seen in Turning point: fall of Liberty. I can hardly get a feel for a game if I can’t survive past the first checkpoint.

Unfortunately, I have to give this demo a failing grade due to the simple fact that I couldn’t play it for more than ten minutes. I simply couldn’t see anything that wasn’t lit unless I was nose deep in a wall. Many gamers have been hoping for a redeeming Turok title. I can’t honestly say that this is or isn’t that title, but I can tell you that the demo is very frustrating. First impressions mean a lot, and while being lost in a cave may create ambiance, it makes for a lousy first impression, and a frustrating video game.

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