Using a Flash Drive on Your Computer: A Useful Device for the Technology Impaired

A flash drive is a small, easy to use pocket sized device that allows you to store and then transport documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on it. Since multiple presentations can be stored on the drive and then taken out and utilized at a moments notice, it is perfect for teachers or other professionals. In this world of every increasing technology, it is nice to have a product that is practical, affordable, and easy to use.
My first experience with a flash drive came several months ago when I took a part time position teaching. I was working full time during the day, and teaching once or twice a week at night. I was preparing my lessions at home, then hauling my books, reports, and presentations up to work in a suitcase! Needless to say, it took a lot of planning to keep myself organized enough to have the right supplies ready when I needed them. More often than not, I would leave my primary job a little too late to go by the house before arriving a my teaching assigment. I was always afraid of leaving pertinent information at home. The flash drive was the answer to all of my problems.

The device is really easy to use. It is small enough to fit into my purse or pocket. The drive plugs directly into the USB port of your computer. Once it is inserted into the port, it should automatically install the information to make the device accessible to that computer. Storing information on the drive involves only saving your document to the drive, which, in my computer, is the e-drive. The drive can then be removed from the USB port and the device and all of your information is ready to travel with you!

Some drives come with covers that protect the USB connector. I would suggest that you get one with a cover if at all possible, just to keep dirt or lint away from your drive. Also, if you are like me, you carry everything including the kitchen sink in your purse so a little extra protection is always nice. All of that being said, my husband has one that he has carried around for a year without a cover, and it still works perfectly. So, if you can’t find one with a cover, or if you lose yours, I wouldn’t panic. It probably will still work fine.

Flash drives are made with various amounts of storage space. If you just need to store a few documents, then you may want to chose a drive with a lower storage capacity as these will be lower in cost. If you are an active user of documents, however, I suggest that you start with a minimum of 2G. This should allow you to store quite a bit of information for an affordable price. These are put on sale often so shop around so you can get a good deal.

So far, I have used mine to store documents from both of my jobs. I have all of my power point presentations for my night class, as well as my tests, test keys, and lecture notes. For my day job, I have several power point presentations, documents, as well as journal articles that I think I will want to use in the near future. I also have a spare calendar with all of my important dates and a document with all of my favorite websites. This way, I am always prepared!

These little gems would be perfect for educators or business professionals who carry presentations around. My husband works in the technical world and carries one around that holds a ton of Excel documents. Personally, I think that they would be great for the college student so remember that when it’s time to shop for graduation gifts!

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