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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Mod, now play your favourite TV series

AMC’s The Walking Dead is a TV horror bonanza- it delivers on thrills and has revitalized the concept of a zombie horror show. So now, there’s a game where you can get a lot more of it and immerse yourself in that world of gore.

The official mobile game is also a highly addictive strategy based game which mainly works on a player vs. environment principle. Here’s how it will proceed:

You will complete episode 1 first as a walker which will allow you to get Daryl in your team. This will enable you to get more points and with that, you can level up more.

You will have to develop your squad of survivors which will be composed of both walkers and humans.

There are three elements in the game: Missions, Guilds, and outposts. All of it allows players to interact with the game in multiple ways.

There are story based arcs which generally takes place during the middle portion of the gameplay and helps further the narrative.

There are special event missions which merge well with the narrative. There are also random looting missions which will allow you to get resources.

The game has an optional socialization element where you will need to complete certain weekly challenges with your team of 20 players (max). These challenges will be set in the show locations like Terminus, Slaughterhouse, The Hilltop and LHerschel’s Farm.

But there’s more to it as well, especially for people who love to play 1v1. You can get to the option where you will be able to create an outpost of your camp, which can be attacked by other players as well. But in turn, you can also attack them and thus will give you the opportunity to raid the supplies of those other player’s outposts.

If you are a fan of the TV show then you will be pleased to note that they do succeed in keeping the atmosphere of the show.


This game should come with a warning for those who haven’t seen the TV series because there are a lot of spoilers in here for the TV series (till season 5). But we will try to avoid that in here.

The game begins with you in a crate in terminus. You will be broken out of there. Next, you will have to escape and set up a new camp.

From now on, just like the TV show, you will have to grind to level up various aspects of the base- like the buildings, farm etc. Remember- the higher the level, the more time they will take to develop.

The runs for supplies are turnbased which will allow you to rotate your team and attack the walkers with a melee of weapons.


The character models are really fleshed out well and the zombies look really scary as well.

Overall, the game is a treat for players who want more out of the show and want to play with/as some of their favourite characters.

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