WiFI – Your Neighbor’s Wireless Connection… Stealing or Not?

You live in a neighborhood full of a lot of people, which means some are bound to have a wireless internet router in there home. Many of these routers can reach up to 100 feet if not more, and with the help of access points, and more wireless internet connections, borrowing or stealing is becoming more of an issue.

This has been an ongoing thing, but now it is becoming very serious. People who pay 40, 50, even 60.00 a month for an Internet Service are finding out that there Internet is being used by strangers. How? Well there are programs out there that tell you when someone is trying to access your Internet. Just this month and last month people have been complaining about this, and while routers offer full encryption, they feel they should have to if it is in there own home and they pay for it.

Most of the time when people use other people’s Internet Service they don’t even say anything, so you would have to have someone knowledgeable at computers to have a program that allows you to find out if your Network is being accessed. Would this actually be called stealing though? The audience was about half and half on this, so what can anyone really do? I say every just puts encryption on there routers so they don’t have this problem. Routers are a device that allow you to hook up your Cable or DSL modem to a wireless device (that being the Router), and allowing you to access your Internet Connection via the wireless Router.

On the other hand, half of the people said If the Internet Connection is available and they can access it while in there house than it is not stealing. This is an interesting thought because technically this would be accessing someone else’s Internet Connection, when you’re not paying for it, so what would it be called than? Borrowing? This is going to be investigated thoroughly, so we will know more about it when they give us an answer.

Until then what could you do to prevent this from happening? Well… Most configurations on a wireless Router enable you to add a password to your network. What this does is, when the person finds a connection to the Internet, once they click it, they must enter a password to access the network. Many people don’t do this because they find it inconvenient to typing in a password to there own Internet Service, but really it isn’t because many AOL users do so, unless they save the password, which could be dangerous. My opinion? Put a password on it, if you don’t want strangers using your service.

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