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Zombie Castaway, An amazing game launched for the iOS and Android

The gamers of the present world are always in anticipation of some good game for their Android or iOS platforms. On the other hand, developers keep on trying some game with some unique playing conditions. Zombie Castaway is definitely one such game which has satisfied both the developers and the gamers. This game revolves around the farming and exploration with some unique strategies for building a town. While playing the game you can discover new island or cultivate a variety of plant or can even cook some recipes. Basically, the user of the game gradually understands the different aspects of the society and learns them in an enjoyable manner.

There is no particular item to which one is bound

In the most game, the players get sometimes bored by doing a particular task repeatedly. In this game you have varied jobs to perform and are feeling tired can move to another task. For instance, you can jump to cooking when dome explores islands and attractive paradise. Sometimes you may find difficulty in knowing the route and what you should find. Just tap on [i] the upper right corner of the item. You will get some information about the item. You would know where will get the item and how to use.

Some fascinating features of the game attract gamers

While playing Zombie Castaway Strategies the player can experience some amazing features of the game. Let us see some of them.

You can save time just by swiping on the screen

Perhaps the crops have grown more than you wanted. In such case, you need to swipe the finger and clear the undesired crops. To harvest without trouble, action icon must be tapped and then swipe through the garden.

Gather more prizes for acquiring more buildings

Each building is featured with particular roulettes. The users spin these wheels on each building to generate free prizes. Obviously if one acquire more building chances of getting more prizes increases.

Getting advantages of connecting to Facebook

If you connect your game to Facebook you can easily move from one device to other. For this, you need not start afresh. Suppose at home one progressed to some point with the tablet. Then went out and continue with the mobile from where one had left off.

Some important tips to play the game without trouble

While playing the Zombie you need to follow some rules. Let us see some

Depend on maps when lost: In case you are lost take help of the map by tapping globe icon which you would see at the bottom left corner. To unlock the hidden part of the map do not forget to build a pier.

Learn from Ad Videos: Zombie Cinema provides goodies which definitely help the gamer. Watching advertisement clips gives buffs for stone miners, woodcutters, plants, cook and also a treasure hunter.

Dig deep for more treasures: In treasure hunt using golden shovels and you can even get some secret treasures. If you get some secret treasure dig to the maximum extent to get more and more gifts preserved underneath.

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